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International Travel Insurance

  • Cashless Claim Settlement
  • Region Specific Plan to suit your need
  • Business Class Upgration
  • Double Sum Insured in case of Hospitalization due to Accident
9 LAKH +



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    Covers Multiple trips within a policy period Subject to max trip duration per trip.
    Kindly enter the country to view the plan features
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    Benefit Benefit Coverage Amount Deductible
    Hospitalization Expenses Yes -
    In-patient Care Up to SI US $ 100 / € 75
    Life Threatening Condition for PED 10% of SI US $ 100 / € 75
    Additional SI for Accidental Hospitalization Up to 100% SI US $ 100 / € 75
    Out-patient Care US $ 50,000 US $ 100 / € 75
    Daily Allowance
    'In case of Hospitalization we even pay an extra specified amount per day of stay at the hospital to meet numerous allied expenses such as attendant meals, transportation and communication incurred etc.'
    US $ 25 per day, max 5 days 2 days
    Dental Expenses US $ 300 US $ 100 / € 75
    Personal Accident US $ 15,000 -
    Medical Evacuation
    'Covers all costs incurred for any emergency transportation and evacuation services, to transfer you to an appropriate medical facility within our network.'
    US $ 50,000 -
    Trip Options
    Single Trip Yes -
    Multi Trip (Policy will be on annual basis) Yes -
    Trip Duration (days) Minimum:2, Maximum (Single Trip):365 -
    Maximum (Multi Trip) 45 or 60 days -
    Entry Age - Single Trip Minimum:1 day,Maximum:No Age Bar -
    Entry Age - Multi Trip Minimum:1 day,Maximum 70 years -
    Sub-limits applicable (For age 61 years and above) As per Appendix Yes -
    Family Option* Yes -

    Explore complete plan details

    International Travel Insurance Plan Details

    • Minimum entry age is 1 day

    • Maximum entry age as specified for each plan

    • Age of proposer 18 years or above

    • Relationship for Family Option Self, Spouse, dependent children (who have not attained Age 25 Years) and Parents

    • Eligibility prospectus whose place of residence is in India

    • Policy Period Start Date The policy start date shall be from the 00:00 hours of the next day of the proposal receipt at branch,proposed policy period start date opted by you or cash received date/instrument date, whichever is later.

    Download Terms & Conditions
    • Medical treatment taken outside the Country of Residence if that is the sole reason or one of the reasons for the journey.

    • Any Treatment, which could reasonably be delay until the insured person's return to the Country of residence.

    • Any dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to an injury.

    • Circumcision unless necessary for treatment of an illness or as may be necessitated due to an accident.

    • Treatment of any Congenital Anomaly or llness or defects or anomalies or treatment relating to birth defects.

    • Hormone replacement therapy.

    • Weight management services and treatment, vitamins and tonics related to weight control programs, services and supplies including treatment of obesity (including morbid obesity).

    Insurance Claim Process

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    Claim Notification

    Claim Notification

    In case of claim notify us immediately on any of the below touch-points for hastle free processing and speedy settlement.

    US and Canada


    Toll Free Number- +1 8443013135/ +18443013146

    From the Rest of the World


    Call Back Facility- +91 1244498760


    Fax- +91 124-4006674



    In case of reimbursement of treatment expenses reach us at the below touch-points



    Toll Free- 1800-102-4488


    Fax Number- 1800-100-5577


    Religare Health Insurance Company Limited

    Religare Health Insurance Company Limited, Unit no. 604-607, 6th Floor, Tower C, Unitech Cyber Park, Gurgaon – 122001

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    We thank you for processing our claims under explore policy, towards our tour to Malaysia. We have received due payments against our claims. The claims were processed without any deductions. Thank you Religare Health Insurance for taking away our financial pain. View more

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    Religare Health Insurance (RHI) has consistently been amongst the top travel health insurance players. We, at Religare, operate on the core philosophy of customer satisfaction. We offer unique travel health insurance covers with keeping in mind the medical exigencies of our customers during their travel. Our travel insurance products are cost-effective, with superior quality services and have a hassle-free claim settlement. Our shortest turnaround time is just 2 hours for cashless claim approval and 7 lakh+ claims have already been settled. Our travel insurance plan- “Explore” has been awarded as the Best Travel Insurance Product and also India’s most preferred Travel Insurance by IMP Travel & Tourism Awards. At RHI, we offer you a distinct set of benefits that gives you the flexibility to choose the best possible travel insurance plan for you and for your loved ones to enjoy a worry-free travel.


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    7 Lakh+ Total claims paid


    Cashless claim approval
    in approx. 2 hours

    About International Travel Insurance

    With international travel trips constantly increasing these days, it is most important to buy an international travel insurance plan. The international travel insurance plan offers the insured person with a variety of coverages that may be in good due to medical emergencies cancellation of the trip delay is caused due to various reasons, etc. Depending upon the location you are traveling to, you can choose from a variety of international travel insurance plans that are offered by Religare.

    some of the most prominent features offered to you by the Religare international travel insurance plan includes coverage against baggage loss, hospitalization expenses incurred abroad. In addition to this, check out some of the other benefits below:

    • Financial compensation against emergency medical treatments
    • Coverage against third party legal liability
    • Repatriation in case of death
    • Personal accident
    • Financial assistance in emergencies
    • Loss of travel documents such as tickets or passport

    In addition, international travel insurance plans designed on the basis of the geographies and, some of the other factors that play a decisive role in deciding the premium include:

    • Insurance for a single trip comes in handy you are on a holiday
    • Insurance for multiple trips comes in handy if you travel frequently for work
    • Family travel insurance, when you are traveling with your family
    • Student travel insurance, if you are traveling to another country to pursue a course
    • Group travel insurance, if you are traveling in large groups

    Why should one buy International Travel Insurance?

    A glimpse at the following scenarios will help to understand the need for an International Travel Insurance! And there can be many more.

    Scenario 1
    You get a Fantastic off-season deal at Mexican Resort in Riviera Maya. After a Dream flight, the hotel is fascinating & the food is excellent. Then all of a sudden there’s a hurricane alert. You have to be evacuated promptly & without your luggage.

    Scenario 2
    You are on a vacation in Israel, merrily floating in the Dead Sea when you suddenly choke on the Brine & You have to be evacuated to the nearest hospital as a medical emergency

    There are plenty of things that could go wrong while you are on a Trip despite how meticulously it has been planned. International Travel Insurance secures you against the risk of incurring unforeseen medical expenses and other travel-related emergencies, when you are bound to feel especially vulnerable due to the fact that you are in unfamiliar territory, far away from home. When unexpected illnesses or accidents occur while you are traveling overseas or you face other severe emergencies, having an international travel insurance gives you access to financial comfort, making the whole experience a lot less traumatic.

    An International Travel Insurance might not immediately trigger a need in our minds and might seem like an unnecessary expense; however, this could prove to be your best investment in case of medical exigency. Consider the following example:

    Scenario 1
    Naive Planner

    Mr. Ignorant planned a vacation at Hawaii with a budget of 4 Lakhs

    Air Tickets: INR 1,80,000

    Hotel Expenses: INR 70,000

    Food Overheads: INR 40,000

    Shopping: INR 30,000

    Miscellaneous: INR 50,000

    Kept approx. INR 30,000 for Medical Emergency


    Slipped at the beach and hit his knee against a Rock. Landed in Hospital & hospital bill for 3-day stay was INR 5 Lakhs!

    Because he had no International Travel Insurance, he had to pay out of pocket & his total budget increased to 9 Lakhs

    Scenario 2
    Smart Planner

    Mr. Aware planned a vacation at Hawaii with a budget of 4 lakhs

    Air Tickets: INR 1,80,000

    Hotel Expenses: INR 70,000

    Food Overheads: INR 40,000

    Shopping: INR 57,000

    Miscellaneous: INR 50,000

    Travel Health Insurance INR 2,834 for Medical Emergency


    Slipped at the beach and hit his knee against a Rock. Landed in Hospital & hospital bill for 3-day stay was INR 5 Lakhs!

    Because he had International Travel Insurance, Hospital bill covered by Religare Health Insurance Company

    Overseas Travel Insurance

    In some cases, medical insurance is mandatory for entry into some countries. For instance, a certain minimum medical insurance is a prerequisite requirement for a visa into the Schengen Area, which comprises 26 European countries that function as a single country for international travel purposes. Further, this insurance should be valid within the Schengen region for the full duration of your stay and it must cover any expenses relating to repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death. Even if medical insurance is not mandatory in the country to which you wish to travel, it still makes sense to purchase international travel insurance before you go because medical treatment outside India is extremely expensive. In fact, medical treatment abroad is approx. 3 to 10 times costlier than India. Explore – Our International Travel Insurance is Schengen approved.

    Single-Trip vs Multi-Trip International Travel Insurance

    Multi-Trip Policy: For frequent fliers, especially business travelers, insurers offer multi-trip policies that help in substantial saving of cost when compared to taking multiple policies – one for each separate trip.

    Duration/Per Trip limit: In multi-trip policy, after commencing the trip some insurers will cover only a certain specified number of days. Example 30/45/60 days per trip.

    Overseas Travel Insurance for Single Trip

    A single trip International Travel Insurance provides coverage for a single international or domestic trip for a pre-defined number of days. This type of insurance is perfect for those who travel once a year. It provides all the coverage and benefit of a good travel insurance policy and protects against unfortunate incidents. This type of policy lapses the moment you return home from the trip.

    Multi-Trip Overseas Travel Insurance

    A Multi-Trip overseas travel Insurance provides coverage for multiple trips taken during a policy year. This type of policy is perfect for individuals who travel a lot due to work or a simple love of traveling and going on multiple trips frequently. Instead of purchasing a policy for every trip, it is more economical to purchase a single policy that covers multiple trips. For every trip, there is a predefined maximum number of days that the policy is applicable for depending on the plan that has been chosen. It is a comprehensive plan which provides all needed protection and coverage during each trip and ensures that you travel hassle-free.

    What's Included in Overseas Travel Insurance Plan?

    Here we have provided medical and Non-medical benefits of overseas travel insurance plans.

    Medical Benefits of International Travel Insurance plan

    Pre-Existing Disease Coverage: Expenses arising due to the treatment of pre-existing disease in a life-threatening situation.

    Double Sum Insured for Accidental Hospitalization: The sum that is insured doubles in amount once in the case of an accidental hospitalization.

    Treatment in Home Country: If after return from the trip, further treatment is required then the expenses for the same are covered for a period of up to thirty days or up to the end date of the policy, whichever is earlier.

    Medical Evacuation: Any cost incurred due to emergency transportation and evacuation services in order to transfer the insured to an appropriate medical facility within the policy network.

    Common Carrier Accidental Death: When the insured as a passenger faces accidental death on a common carrier/transport, a lump sum amount is paid.

    Dental Expenses: Any dental expenses that are incurred due to an injury during the trip are covered for.

    Daily Allowance for Hospitalization: When hospitalization is between two to five days, then expenses for meals, communication, and transportation are provided.

    2-Way Compassionate Visit: Travel expenses for an immediate family member is provided to bring them to the current location of the insured.

    Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability: Any unfortunate expenses arising out of permanent total disability or death during the trip are covered.

    Non-Medical Benefits of International Travel Insurance plan

    Trip Delay: When departure is delayed beyond 12 successive hours due to terrorism or natural calamities like storm, flood, rains, earthquake, and cyclone then related expenses are covered.

    Trip Cancellation or Interruption: When the trip is canceled or interrupted due to an unforeseen event which is due to natural or manmade situations, then the cost incurred is taken care of.

    Loss/Delay of Checked-In Baggage: When the checked-in luggage is lost while in custody of the carrier or there are more than twelve hours of delay in receiving the luggage then the expenses are covered for.

    Loss of Passport: In such a situation, the cost for a new or duplicate passport is taken care of.

    Return of Minor Child: If the insured is traveling alone with child/children and is hospitalized, then the return cost of bringing the minor child to the home location is covered.

    Up-Gradation to Business Class: When the insured has been hospitalized for more than five consecutive days and needs to be brought back to their home location, then compensation for up-gradation to business class is given.

    Hospitalization Cover: If there is a situation of emergency hospitalization or treatment due to an illness or injury during the travel, the insurance plan takes care of the related cost. It includes both In-patient and Out-patient treatment.

    Exclusions in International Travel Insurance Plan

    The International travel insurance plan has the following exclusions:

    • Any cost occurring due to the treatment of HIV/AIDS or any other transmitted disease.

    • Any claim which is related to a hazardous activity.

    • Any expenses occurring under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    • Any expenses related to consequences arising due to war or nuclear perils.

    • Any claim related to ionizing radiation or contamination due to the same.

    • Any expense to do with self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide or suicide.

    • Any liability related to any professional services offered by the insured.

    • Any expense related to the insured being involved in his business activities.

    • Any cost occurring due to ownership of any aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicle or other vehicles.

    • Any personal liability of the insured towards another individual, whether personal, official or commercial.

    • Any cost arising due to wrongful detention, false arrest, wrongful eviction, defamation or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations.

    • Any expense occurring due to encroachment of intellectual property rights like patent, copyright, and trademark.

    • Any liability related to the possession of animals, insects, bird and reptiles and their byproducts.

    • Any cost incurred due to the insured being involved in Breach of Law.

    • These are all the inclusions and exclusions of the plan. If there are any doubts related to any of them, it is best to have them cleared before proceeding with the purchase of the plan.

    Things to Watch Out Before Buying an International Travel Insurance Policy

    Destination/Geography: Before traveling one must cross-verify if the insurer they are choosing covers the exact geography they are traveling to.

    Sub-limits: It is wise to know what all one can claim should there be a need while there is a wide list of features available, some of them might allow the insured to claim only up to a certain amount. Also, check if there is any threshold per-incident or per-claim.

    Schengen Approved: If you travel to any country falling within the Schengen region, you must cross-check whether your travel insurance is valid. Same can be checked from the VFS website.

    Geography based plans: A lot of insurers offer plans that are specific to a particular region. This helps the insurer in giving a cost advantage to the Insured since plans are priced also keeping in mind the cost of medical treatments in that specific region or scope of coverage required along with many other factors.

    Exclusions: It is advisable to always check what is not excluded in your travel policy. Most insurers, for example, don't cover adventure sports or sports that are considered hazardous in nature or pre-existing ailments, etc. Knowing this will help you plan your excursions accordingly.

    Process of Intimation of claim: It is wise to make sure you are aware of the timeframe in which an insurer would want you to intimate a claim. An insurer could tie-up with local service providers and in that case one should carry the requisite contact points.

    Customer Care detail might be different from a claim helpline: While a claim helpline number is usually printed on policy documents, it is wise to cross-verify contact points to contact in case of a service-related inquiry since a claim team might not be able to offer assistance on the same. For example, a request for extension might have to be raised at a different touch-point. Some insurers offer family option if more than 2 members are traveling for a cost advantage. Some companies offer premiums on per day basis instead of slabs. For instance, an insurer might charge for 180 complete (slab) while others could charge for as many days traveled and not necessarily 180 or similar slab.

    Check Country Specific Guides



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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Popular Questions

    Q. What is International Travel Insurance?

    International Travel insurance is insurance that covers emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage and other losses incurred while traveling out of India.

    Q. Is it Mandatory to buy Travel Insurance?

    International Travel Insurance may not be mandatory requirement in all the destinations that you intend to travel . You are requested to check the VISA application rules of the country that you are planning to travel e.g Schnegan VISA applicants are required to produce evidence of valid International Travel Insurance at the time of application and at the time of immigration check.

    Q. Why International Travel Insurance is Important?

    • International Travel Insurance is important while travelling outside India because Medical expenses outside India are UNAFFORDABLE.
    • Apart from Medical expenses , there are other benefits like
    • 1. Trip Cancellation or Trip interruption.
    • 2. Loss of Checked-in Baggage/ Passport.
    • 3. Trip Delay/Delay of checked-in Baggage.

    Q. Why should I buy Explore Insurance Plan?

    Our International Insurance plan provides protection to you and your loved ones if unfortunate things happen while travelling. It covers your lost baggage, flight cancellation, hospital expenses and many more.

    Q. What does International Travel Insurance not cover?

    • Some of the exclusions in EXPLORE are
    • 1. Medical treatment expenses in case the insured person is travelling for treatment outside India.
    • 2. Personal Liabilities caused due to the involvement in criminal activities.
    • 3. Trip Cancellation or interruption caused due to airline faults and personal reasons.
    • 4. Any cost occurring for due to the treatment of HIV/AIDS or any other transmitted disease.
    • 5. Any claim which is related to a hazardous activity.
    • 6. Any expenses occurring under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • 7. Any expenses related to consequences arising due to war or nuclear perils.
    • 8. Any expense to do with self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide or suicide.
    • 9. Any liability related to any professional services offered by the insured.Any expense related to the insured being involved in his business activities.
    • 10. Any cost occurring due to ownership of any aircrafts, water crafts, motor vehicle or other vehicles.
    • 11. Any personal liability of the insured towards another individual, whether personal, official or commercial.
    • 12. Any cost arising due to wrongful detention, false arrest, wrongful eviction, defamation or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations.
    • 13. Any expense occurring due to infringement of intellectual property rights like patent, copyright and trademark.
    • 14. Any liability related to the possession of animals, insects, bird and reptiles and their byproducts.
    • 15. Any cost incurred due to the insured being involved in Breach of Law.
    • These are all the inclusions and exclusions of the plan. If there are any doubts related to any of them, it is best to have them cleared before proceeding with the purchase of the plan.
    • You are requested to read Exclusion in the policy T&C to learn about all the exclusions.

    Q. How to extend international travel insurance Explore Policy?

    • Insured Person can apply for extension of the policy
    • 1. Prior to the expiry of the policy.
    • 2. Good Health Declaration.
    • 3. Share details of present Medical conditions.
    • Based on the information provided customer will be granted permission to extend the policy by paying the premium.

    Q. What is the Claim Process for Explore Policy?

    • In case of hospitalization a customer is required to inform the TPA by calling on the number given in the policy document.
    • USA & Canada : +18443013135 or +18443013146;
    • Any other Country +911244498760(Call Back Facility)
    • Fax +911244006674 or send an
    • E-mail to Travelassistance@religare.com
    • In case the claim is related to non-hospitalization expenses a customer is required to submit a duly filled claim form along with original bills of the expenses that have been made.

    Q. Do I have to go for medical test to buy International Travel Insurance?

    You are not required to undergo any Pre-policy health check-up for issuance of EXPLORE policy. A customer should declare existing medical conditions and this will not have impact on the premium or the policy issuance.

    Q. What are the geographical scope of coverage in EXPLORE?

    • Explore policy can be bought for the following Geographies
    • 1. Asia : If you are travelling to countries in Asian Continent.
    • 2. Africa: In case you are travelling to countries in African Continent.
    • 3. Europe : In case you are travelling to Schenegan countries or Europe.
    • 4. Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada : In case you are travelling to multiple locations but not travelling to USA & Canada.
    • 5. Worldwide Exluding USA : In case you are travelling to multiple locations except USA.
    • 6. WorldWide : In case you are travelling to USA or multiple countries including USA.

    Q. What is the advantage of buying Platinum Plan?

    Explore policy has sublimits on Doctor Fees, Room rent , etc.. for customers purchasing the policy at an Age>60 Years.These sublimits are not applicable to Platinum plan Customers.

    Q. Can I buy the policy after I have travelled outside India?

    No, as per our company policy a customer has to purchase EXPLORE policy before starting the journey from India.

    Q. Can I change the Policy Sum Insured after I have started my trip?

    A customer cannot change policy Sum Insured & Geographical Scope after the trip has started. You can apply for extension of the policy in case you want to extend your trip duration.

    Q. What is the minimum & the maximum trip duration covered in Explore?

    • A customer can purchase EXPLORE policy for a Period of
    • Minimum Period : 02 Days.
    • Maximum Period : 180 Days or 360 Days for travellers travelling to Australia or Canada on SuperVisa (for other options refer TnC).
    • Maximum Extension : 180 Days.

    Q. Can I buy international travel insurance for my parents above 70 years of age?

    Yes, you can purchase travel insurance for your parents. As per our company policy we cover senior citizen upto 90 Years of Age.

    Q. Can I avail cashless facility for hospitalisation under Explore Plan?

    Yes, Cashless facility is available in Network Hospitals for all Hospitalization ( duration >24 Hours). You can call the helpline numbers to identify the nearest network hospital at the time of hospitalization.

    Q. Who can buy Explore Insurance Plan?

    Anyone! All Indian citizens can be covered by our travel insurance.

    Q. Is International Travel insurance mandatory for Schengen Visa?

    Yes, it is mandatory to buy travel insurance before you apply for Schengen Visa. We have a plan specifically for your travels in Europe.

    Q. Do you provide financial assistance for the Explore Plan?

    Yes, we provide 24X7 assistance duration of your trip. Please call our toll free numbers for any query: In USA : + 1 844 2091106 (Toll Free) In Canada : +1 844 209 1107 (Toll Free) From the rest of the world: +91 11 40608688(Call back facility) In India: 1800 102 4488(Toll Free and Accessible in India only) Fax: 18002006677 Email: travelclaims@religare.com

    Explore complete plan details

    Reach out to us