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Benefits of Health Insurance

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Health insurance is one of the rapidly developing segments in India. Many people are gradually realizing the importance of health plans that offer the best financial support in light of rising healthcare costs. This rise in awareness is also accompanied by the availability of a variety of health policies to suit the specific medical needs of individuals and families. For instance, senior citizen health plans are designed to meet the huge medical expenses in case of possible age-related illnesses.

Before buying a health insurance policy, you must ensure whether it fulfills your requirements in terms of the coverage amount and the medical conditions covered.

The best health policy is the one that covers you for a number of medical conditions and offers coverage considering the likely hospitalization expenses you may incur. Moreover, good health plans offer several additional benefits that make the deal worthwhile for insurance buyers.

Health Insurance Benefits

Here are some major benefits you must look for when opting for a medical insurance policy.

  • Cashless Medical Treatment
  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation Cover
  • Free Health Check-ups
  • Cover for Alternative Treatment
  • Policy Renewal

Cashless Medical Treatment

One of the biggest pluses of health insurance policies is the cashless treatment facility which can be availed in any of the network hospitals of the insurer. Under this feature, you will not require to make any payment from your pocket during any planned or emergency hospitalization. The bills will be directly settled by your insurer, subject to policy terms and conditions, thus saving your time and efforts. Cashless facilities are a great advantage for anyone who is facing a medical emergency. There is no need to go through the stressful exercise of arranging finances. Besides, one can expect to get treatment at an affordable cost through the cashless claim feature from a network hospital compared to getting expenses reimbursed after treatment at a non-network hospital.

Religare Health Insurance has tie-ups with leading hospitals across India. This will increase the chances of having access to quality healthcare closer to your location.

Pre and Post Hospitalisation Cover

Among the various benefits of health insurance, coverage for pre and post hospitalization is one feature that never goes unnoticed. It is an exclusive feature available in health plans, unlike Mediclaim policies. This implies that the insured person will get coverage for expenses beyond basic hospitalization. That may include Diagnostic Tests, OPD Expenses, Doctor Fees, Ambulance Costs, Medications, Day-care treatment, and Domiciliary Care.

Many policies also include maternity cover as an in-built feature with a 9-month waiting period. Moreover, some plans also provide Organ Donor Cover where the expenses for organ transplant surgeries are completely or partially covered.

The Pre and Post Hospitalisation feature is highly beneficial for families as medical treatment involves a whole range of patient-care procedures - right from diagnosing the problem to the actual treatment accompanied by post-hospitalization care.

Annual Health Check-ups

Diagnosing an illness or a medical condition is a crucial step. It is done through various diagnostic procedures including physical examination and lab tests. Irrespective of your age, it is recommended to go for regular health check-ups that will help nip any hidden medical problem in the bud.

Annual health check-up is a benefit you must look for when purchasing a medical insurance policy. Under this feature, the policyholders can get health check-ups through cashless facility at any of the empaneled healthcare or diagnostic centers.

Cover for Alternative Treatment

Alternative forms of medical treatment are gaining popularity in India. The system of alternative medicines, AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homoeopathy), is attracting new followers every day.

Just like the mainstream medical treatment methods, these alternative treatment methods have been effective in curing various diseases. Thus, coverage for alternative treatment has become one vital feature that many buyers eagerly look forward to in their insurance policy.

When buying a health policy, make sure to read the policy terms thoroughly. It is important to understand whether the expense cover is provided at all healthcare centers or only at accredited centers.

Policy Renewal

The policy renewal feature enables you to get the benefits of health cover without interruption by renewing the insurance plan at the completion of the policy year. Choose a plan with a lifetime renewability option. Since there is a greater possibility of getting illnesses as you get old, this feature proves highly beneficial.

Furthermore, in case you have not made any claim in the policy year, you can also look forward to a no-claim bonus in terms of premium discounts and increased sum insured. Also, the cover offered by your existing policy might get inadequate, given the medical expenses in the future. Thus, opting for a higher sum insured when renewing a policy is recommended.

You must read the policy documents and understand the terms of renewal to avoid any confusion.

Choose to protect the health of your loved ones with health policies by Religare Health Insurance that offers all the above-mentioned advantages.

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