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  • Individual & Family Health Insurance
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Health Insurance in Kozhikode

Kozhikode, formerly known as Calicut, is the largest urban city in Kerala state. Located on the Malabar Coast, it is also known as the “City of Spices” in India. It is the crown jewel of Northern Kerala. The tranquil beaches, authentic cuisine, lush green countryside, and pristine backwaters make the vicinity of the city charismatic. Vasco da Gama entered Kozhikode in 1498 and discovered India. He also established spice trade routes. The city is a trading hub for commodities such as pepper, coffee, coconut, rubber, and so on. It is also famous as “the noble emporium of India. 

However, during the monsoon season, the threat of communicable diseases always increases in Kozhikode. The city has witnessed a rising burden of non-communicable diseases as well. Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and lung diseases take a toll on the health of the residents. Unless interventions made to control such life-threatening diseases, the burden of their treatment is likely to increase in the future. Health care amenities in public hospitals are not adequate, and the treatment in private hospitals can be an out of pocket expense for many. Therefore, you should opt for our health insurance Kozhikode policy to save your health and money. 

At Religare Health Insurance, we value your health and hard-earned money. We have designed city-specific customized medical insurance plans in Kozhikode. These policies cover all your hospitalization and treatment expenses during medical emergencies. With our best health insurance plans in Kozhikode, you can easily avail cashless treatment facility in the nearby network hospital. You can go for advanced treatment and alternative therapies as well. So, invest in health insurance in Kozhikode and give yourself and your family complete protection. 

The Need for Health Insurance in Kozhikode

Kozhikode is also not untouched with the ill-effects of medical inflation. Hospitalization, treatment, and medication are getting costlier. One time hospitalization can cost you lakhs of rupees. Therefore, mediclaim in Kozhikode is a necessity. It helps you during a medical emergency and covers all your medical and hospitalization expenditures. With our health insurance, you can avail of the best possible treatment without cripple your finances. We take care of your hospitalization bills, and you can take care of your retrieval. 

Tips to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance in Kozhikode

The number of cases for life-threatening diseases is increasing rapidly. Therefore the best health insurance policy in Kozhikode is crucial. Consider below tips before opting from our health insurance plans:

Estimation- Before buying health mediclaim in Kozhikode, you should estimate how much money you can invest in health insurance and what are your health care needs. Accordingly, pick the right health insurance plans with the right coverage.

Check the Network Hospitals- Network hospitals have tie-ups with us where you can avail cashless treatment facility. You should check how many cashless network hospitals in Kozhikode on our list.

Calculate Premium – Calculate the health insurance premium with the help of a health insurance premium calculator available on our official website and compare the premium of our different medical insurance plans in Kozhikode to pick the most affordable one with extensive coverage. 

Comprehensive Coverage- Before making your choice knows about the coverage of our various health insurance plans. We cover expenses related to pre and post hospitalization, diagnosis, treatment, medication costs, and many more. You can also enhance the coverage with add-ons. 

Check Exclusions List- Exclusions are the situations/diseases/treatments/medical procedures excluded from health insurance coverage. You cannot file the claim for exclusions. So, you must read about our exclusions for a hassle-free claim.

Waiting Period- Comparatively, the waiting period for our health insurance plans is less. The waiting period is 30 days from the commencement of the policy period and 4 years for pre-existing diseases. So, choose the one with the minimum waiting period.

Eligibility Criteria - You should also check the age criteria for eligibility before you buy our health insurance policy in Kozhikode. However, the maximum entry age is 60 years for most of our plans with lifelong coverage.

How to Avail Cashless Treatment in Kozhikode?

At Religare Health Insurance, your health is our utmost priority. We understand how difficult it is to arrange money during a medical emergency. Thus, under our health insurance in Kozhikode coverage, you can avail of treatment in cashless network hospitals in Kozhikode near to your residence. You have to inform our support team about your hospitalization within 24 hours after admission and the insurance helpdesk at the hospital and 48 hours before a planned hospitalization. After verification, we settle your hospitalization bills directly to the hospital. 


  • Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Annual Health Check-up

Care Freedom

  • Health Insurance without Pre Medical Check-ups
  • Suitable for Diabetes, Hypertension and High B.M.I

Care Senior

  • Senior Citizen Health Plan
  • No Pre-policy medical check-up

Care Heart

  • Health Insurance for Heart Patients
  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Medical Expenses


  • Super Top-up Insurance
  • In-Patient Care


  • Maternity Cover
  • New Born Baby Cover

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Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

We offer the best health insurance policy in Kozhikode with comprehensive coverage. You and your family get complete protection against any medical emergency. Read below the following benefits:

Why Religare is the Best Health Insurance Company in Kozhikode?

Public health care in Kozhikode goes for a toss. Many communicable and non-communicable diseases are swallowing the lives of many in the city. The costs of treatment facilities are increasing day after day. Therefore, investing in health insurance is helpful. If you are looking for health insurance agents in Kozhikode, you can opt for the Religare Health Insurance.

We offer city-specific medical insurance plans to cater to all your health care needs. Our health insurance policies cover several diseases and advance treatments subject to policy terms and conditions. You can increase the coverage of the health insurance plan with add-ons like no claim bonus, reduction in PED (pre-existing) wait period, global coverage, international second opinion, etc. These are customized health insurance plans at an affordable premium. With a 93% claim settlement ratio and 7800+ network hospitals, we are the best health insurance company in Kozhikode. You can connect with our team 24x7 for assistance.

Opt for our hand-picked health insurance in Kozhikode and stay in the pinkest of your health.

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