Things to Keep in Mind Before Claiming International Travel Insurance


The famous poet Oscar Wilde once said- “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”. However, the occurrences of adversity can cost you a fortune. When planning a trip to the pristine beaches in Bali, thinking of an emergency is probably the last thing on your mind. When you are in an unknown territory, a sudden emergency can burn a big hole in your pocket. Having international travel insurance covers both medical and non-medical losses such as theft, loss of belongings and personal accidents. But, to avail of its advantages, it is important to know the procedure to file the claim.

There have been instances when travel insurance claims are rejected, and this is not less than a nightmare for any traveler. Sometimes, individuals are not aware as to how to claim on travel insurance for canceled flight and what are the necessary documents. We bring you international travel insurance claim guide when you are looking to file a travel insurance claim.

1.Carry all necessary documents:

Troubles do not come knocking at your door. But if you experience any trouble in a foreign country it can be worrisome as you do not know to whom you should contact. If you have purchased international travel insurance, then it is mandatory to carry your documents. If you have opted for international travel insurance online, you would have all the documents on your inbox. You can keep them safe and use it when you need to make a claim.

2.Provide accurate information:

When filling the travel insurance form at the time of purchasing the policy, be sure that you provide your correct details. It is important to declare pre-existing illness, date, and purpose of the trip. Any false or incorrect information on your travel insurance application form can reject your form.

3.Collect information about local communication:

The insurer will provide you with local communication details for your international travel insurance plan. You might get a local number to contact in case of any mishap occurs. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, be sure to have some local contacts handy as any troublesome situations are unpredictable.

4.Notify the police immediately:

If you face any emergency mentioned in the inclusions of the plan, the first thing you need to do is to update the local police immediately. You will need a copy of the police report at the time of the travel insurance claim settlement. In case if you lose your passport or luggage, police intervention may be required. The travel insurance provider may ask you to submit the police report to proceed with a claim and other services.

5.Inform the insurance company right away:

Imagine a situation in which you happen to miss the flight because of traffic jams or any medical emergency. Make sure you inform the insurance provider as soon as possible. Any delay can affect your travel insurance claim process and make it more difficult. In a worst-case scenario, the claim can even get rejected. For this reason, it is advised to act quickly and inform your insurer promptly.

6. Make travel insurance claim while on the trip:

An individual can make a travel insurance claim online. One should initiate the claim process while they are still on their trip.

It may not work out if you wait to return to India and then file the claim. The purpose of buying an international travel insurance plan is to get immediate help while you are away from your country. For that reason, make sure you file a claim immediately. There will be a higher chance that claims is settled timely.

Final Words

When purchasing international travel insurance, no one imagines that there would be a situation when they need to make a claim. But unfortunate incidents can happen to anyone and you are bound to make a claim. The process of international travel insurance claim is smooth if the above-mentioned protocols are followed.

At Religare Travel Insurance, the main purpose is to ensure the customers enjoy a quick claim settlement. You can enjoy the convenience of making travel insurance claims from the comfort of your home.