5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Online Mediclaim Policy


Why Buy Mediclaim Policy Online?

We live in an age where medical expenses constitute a significant portion of a family’s monthly budget. This is quite true, given the rise in various lifestyle diseases that are affecting many youngsters in India, nowadays. So, there is no denying the fact that illness can strike anytime, irrespective of one’s age.

It is also, therefore, important to be prepared for unexpected expenditures that medical emergencies often bring along. Opting for a mediclaim insurance policy is the ideal way to minimize the risks as far as finances are concerned.

A mediclaim policy is an insurance policy wherein the hospitalization expenses that are incurred by the policyholder are borne by the insurance company. Mostly, there is a cashless claim facility in the mediclaim policies provided by many insurance companies in India. Otherwise, the expenses are reimbursed if the policyholder pays from his or her pocket.

Moreover, the easiest way to buy mediclaim is the online method which is faster and convenient. We list below the reasons why you should buy mediclaim online.

Paperless Processing

Just as the facility for cashless treatment is included in the mediclaim policy details, buying such a policy online also minimizes paperwork with regards to the application procedures. There are no hassles of reading and filling up several documents manually. All of this can be done online. The online process is extremely convenient as it lets the buyer download forms and easily upload the documents.

Moreover, through live chats and video calling options, buyers can remain connected with the insurer and get all their queries addressed.

Option to Compare Policies

With an online mediclaim policy, you get the advantage of comparing various features without having to physically visit the insurance company’s office. Buying a policy online not only helps you save time and efforts but also gives you a clearer picture of the insurance products with the ease of comparing.

Moreover, insurance companies display comprehensive mediclaim policy details on their website along with online application procedures for the benefit of the insurance buyers. The online medium also empowers policy-buyers with the online reviews to understand more about the policies and obtain feedback about the company’s claim settlement.

Convenient for Experienced Buyers

If you have an experience of buying online mediclaim policy, you probably have an edge over others especially first-timers who may need assistance from agents. All you are required to do is visit the insurance company’s website and go through the brochures. Often, complete details encompassing the policy features, add-on covers, policy terms, and specific exclusions are mentioned clearly to let you make an informed decision about policy buying.

Furthermore, by opting for a mediclaim insurance policy online, tracking of claim status is a matter of a few mouse clicks. Besides, there are other advantages like getting easy policy renewals, details of network hospitals, etc.

Affordable Options

Those looking to buy mediclaim policies online are most likely to get them at relatively lower premiums compared to policies bought offline. You are likely to get a cheaper policy if you are buying it directly from the insurance company without the involvement of any intermediary. Sometimes, the sum assured also tends to be higher in online policies as insurance companies come up with smart marketing strategies to attract buyers.

Usually, the health insurance policy with a maximum sum assured of Rs 5 Lakhs is the most preferred policy that is sought-after in the online market. You are most likely to get such affordable plans online compared to other mediclaim policies that have a larger sum assured, for instance, Rs 10 lakhs.

Faster and Time-saving

Getting an online mediclaim policy is advantageous as it takes minimum efforts, thus saving the valuable time of the insurance buyer. Instead of visiting the insurer’s office and filing documents manually, the prospective buyer could spend that time in reading about policies at the comfort of his or her home. Right from picking the right insurance option to making payments for the premium, everything can be done through the online mode.

Applying for online mediclaim is recommended if you have not yet reached the category of a senior citizen. This is because senior citizens are often required to undergo complete health check-up before buying a policy. For others, buying a policy online is highly beneficial as health check-ups for certain plans are not required prior to the purchase of the policy.

Mediclaim plans are recommended for any individual who wishes to safeguard his or her future. Opt for buying one through Religare Health Insurance and discover various benefits like no-claim bonus and hassle-free claim settlement.