Why it is Important to Buy Health Insurance for your Child?


Parenting is a lifetime duty, do you agree? There is so much to think about your children, right from their education to secure their health and future. Being a parent having health insurance for your children is not only a responsibility but also a necessity. It is advised to opt for a health insurance plan from reputed health insurance companies like Religare Health Insurance that provides a wide array of health insurance plans. But, it is advised to opt for a health insurance plan from reputed health insurance companies. Religare Health Insurance is one of the most trusted names in the insurance industry that provides a wide array of health insurance plans. These health insurance plans cover a range of ailments along with annual check-ups as part of the plan.

Mentioned below are certain plans that are offered by Religare Health Insurance to insure your children:

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

A family floater health plan covers the complete family that includes the primary holder, spouse, and two dependent children. These plans are long-term plans and new members can also be added. The premium is based on the age of the age eldest number. This plan has an option of higher sum insured as compared to individual health plans. It is a single plan that an individual can opt for his entire family and it secures him from maintaining many health insurance plans for each individual in the family.

Maternity Health Insurance Plan

Welcoming a child is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. Religare Health Insurance offers Joy - maternity health insurance plan that provides security both to the mother and unborn child. It also covers the medical bills of a newborn baby for up to 90 days from the date of birth. It has a 9-month waiting period for maternity related insurance claims. It is long-term policy tenure for 3 years.

Family Health Insurance Plan

Care - A comprehensive health insurance plan for family is the most suited-plan for everyone’s needs. This plan secures your child and your whole family. It provides various benefits such as in-patient hospitalization, cover for pre-and-post-hospitalization medical expenses, and annual health check-up. This plan comes with a dual benefit as the total sum insured of this plan can be utilized by any other member of the family. It provides options with a higher sum insured than an individual health plan. For the sake of it, you should do proper research to know which plan is the most beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Children are like a prized possession for their parents that you would do anything for their wellbeing. Apart from taking care of their education, securing their health is of utmost importance. Having any one of these above-mentioned health insurance plans can assist you in the situation of a financial emergency.

Religare Health Insurance is a health insurance plan that has everything for someone. It provides several health insurance plans that are designed specifically for an individual’s demand. All these plans come with facilities such as cashless treatment, policy renewal, and option to increase sum insured. Not only this, but they also provide international travel insurance for students.

Think responsibly and choose the best for your child.