Healthy Diet Tips for Improving Your Heart Health


Try These Healthy Eating Habits to Secure Your Heart

Heart disease is one of the most common lifestyle diseases affecting the majority of Indians. Earlier, factors such as age, gender, and family history were the main causes of heart disease. However, in recent times, factors such as diet, physical activity, and stress determine the risk of causing this condition. Individuals diagnosed with cardiovascular disease are advised to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Along with other lifestyle choices, taking a healthy diet significantly helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. There is no such single food that can help you improve your heart health; hence, it is important to maintain a dietary plan. 

Mentioned-below are some of the healthy diet tips that can help you in managing your heart conditions.

Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for the health of your heart as they are rich in fiber. A fiber-rich diet helps in reducing bad cholesterol and provides nutrients that protect your heart. These food items help in keeping you full, thereby making you eat less. It also helps in moving fat through the digestive system. You can eat vegetables in the form of salad and soups to get variety in your meal. 

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water makes your heart pump easily through the blood vessels to the muscles. It also enables the muscles to work smoothly. Staying dehydrated can cause serious health problems such as headaches and swollen feet that may cause heart stroke. 

Eliminate trans-fat from the diet

Trans fats are mostly found in food items such as fried food, pizzas, and snacks. Taking trans-fat reduces the level of HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins) that may cause cardiovascular disease and may increase plaque in the blood vessel walls. This may lead to even death in some cases.

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Consume saturated fats in moderation

Saturated fats are found in dairy products, red meat, and tropical oil. It should be restricted to not more than 10% of the calorie intake. You may include taking protein sources in your diet such as eggs, fish and vegetables. 

Include the right kind of carbohydrates

It is advised to eat food items such as brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes that help in controlling your blood sugar levels. Try to avoid taking sugary foods. 

Eat meals at regular intervals

Taking meals at regular intervals helps in controlling your blood sugar level and cholesterol, and helps in burning fat. It is equally important to eat in moderation. While, taking large portions of nutrient-rich food, such as fast foods can help you in controlling your heart and waistline. 

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