The Best Diet Plan for Hypertension


Pick A Healthy Diet Plan To Cure Hypertension

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a lifestyle disease that is affecting the daily lives of millions of Indians. A fitness regime entailing exercises, stress management, and a healthy low-sodium diet is what most doctors advise their patients.

Diet is pivotal in controlling blood pressure levels. Although you may not have control over risk factors like heredity that can lead to hypertension. However, making a judicious choice of the foods you consume can go a long way in managing your health condition.

We list below some food options that you can choose if you are dealing with hypertension:

Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium aids in maintaining sodium balance in your body and controlling blood pressure. Bananas are rich in this nutrient. Have them with your breakfast meals. Other Potassium-rich fruits include dates and avocadoes. Among the vegetables which are good Potassium sources, you can pick Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes and Spinach.

Low-Fat Meals

Minimize your carbohydrate and fat intake. Opt for low-fat dairy products, for instance, skimmed milk is believed to curtail risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Avoid deep-fried items as much as possible. Instead, consume baked or steamed foods. Replace saturated fats with food items containing Omega 3 Fatty Acid that is good for heart health.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are superior foods that help the body in fighting off diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, colon cancer, etc. Whole wheat, oats, brown rice, quinoa, and corn are some options to choose from. Stay energetic all day by including them in your breakfast or dinner.

Low Sodium Diet

Watch the amount of salt you consume. Avoid sprinkling extra salt in salads and other meals. Make efforts to stay away from processed foods that contain excess preservatives and salt, for instance, pickles, sauces, bread, cheese, etc. You could rather pick alternative spices like garlic and herbs to add flavor to your meals. In fact, garlic is an amazing food item that has proven properties for lowering blood pressure.

Avoid Caffeine Intake

If you are someone who cannot live without your daily cup of coffee, it is time to make a resolution to give up your favorite beverage in case you have been diagnosed with hypertension. Coffee contains high amounts of Caffeine and consuming them can have damaging effects on your health. Switch to alternatives like green tea or black tea that are popular for their health benefits.

Stay Stress-Free

Besides a good health insurance plan for fighting hypertension, you not only require a nutritious diet but also regular exercises, medication and stress management. More importantly, limit your alcohol consumption and maintain healthy body weight.

Treatment of any disease involves additional expenditure that may cause a financial burden. Worrying about finances can lead to stress and worsen your health condition. Health insurance eliminates such stressors. If you really wish to lead a stress-free life, go for a medical insurance that provides coverage for all your medical expenses for the treatment of hypertension.

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