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Health insurance can help you save tax under section 80D

International Travel Insurance
  • Region specific, value for money Overseas Travel Cover providing benefits from hospitalization to trip cancellation to lost baggage & lots more.
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International Travel & Health Insurance for Students
  • A comprehensive & value for money travel insurance in alignment with university guidelines for students traveling abroad for higher education.
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Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Value for money hospitalization insurance for 1st time buyers covering basic hospital expenses with additional benefits like Automatic Recharge of SI, annual health check-up, Organ Donor & lot more.
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Health Insurance without Medical Check-ups
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance to free yourself from worries of pre-policy medical check-up with benefits of Automatic SI Recharge, annual health check-up, 2 year waiting for Pre-existing diseases & more.
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Super Top-up Insurance
  • Value for money health insurance with benefits like annual health check-up, expert opinion to fund extreme health expenses for those who are not worried about basic health expenses.
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Maternity & Newborn Cover with Health Insurance
  • Maternity & newborn focused health insurance with a 9 month waiting period for maternity related expenses in line with nature’s law, especially designed for those who are planning their family.
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Critical Illness & Personal Accident Insurance
  • Life is about surprises, moreover critical illnesses & accident incidents are increasing, Assure ensures fixed lumpsum payment on zero day survival & annual health check-up putting rest to financial worries.
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Personal Accident Insurance
  • Accidents always don’t mean death & hence we give the most comprehensive Personal Accident & Disability cover with additional benefits like fractures, major diagnostic tests, disappearance and lot more.
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Super Mediclaim Insurance


Lifelong Cancer Protection Cover


Smart Indemnity based Critical Illness Cover with Easy EMIs options


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Group/Corporate Insurance

Group Travel Insurance
Group Health Insurance
Group Personal Accident Insurance